Keeping Pesky Rodents Away From Your Warehouse's Food Products

If you manage a warehouse where food supplies are stored, keeping mice and rats away from them will be a priority to deal with. Rodents are known to carry bacteria, making it unsanitary for their presence within a warehouse full of edible items. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your warehouse remains free of pesky rodents so the food that is shipped for consumption is free of contaminants.

Racoons And Bats: What To Do When Pests Take Over Your Quaint Country Retreat

Owning a house in the country comes with its own set of unique aspects. Chief among the problems you will have to handle are intrusions from wildlife. It’s just something that you will have to handle. Some of the pests can be handled on your own, while others might require you seek the assistance of a professional. Here are two of the most common pests and some ways you can handle them.

Why Termite Control Is Important When They Are First Detected

You may have seen what looks like a couple of flying ants in your yard but gave it no thought. What you may have seen were termite swarmers looking for places to start a new nest. This is the time to begin a termite control program, before they can settle into your house and cause major damage. Here is what to look for and how termites can be controlled before they become a problem.

Down Came A Spider: 4 Ways To Keep Spiders Away

Summer is here. That means those creepy spiders are going to be looking for a cool place to hang out. Unfortunately, that probably means that they’re going to heading into your home. If you’re trying to go the all-natural way of spider prevention, you’re in luck. There are a few simple steps you can take to keep spiders out of your home. Go Heavy on the Mint Spiders hate the smell of mint, which makes it the perfect plant to have growing around your home.

Four Common Myths About Bed Bugs

Those pesky little critters known as bed bugs can be found in every state in the country making it hard to get away from them. Even if you have been proactive about keeping them out of your home, you can still find them in hospitals, hotels, schools, and more. They are called bed bugs because they love to hide in sofas and beds where they can feed on humans. Even though they may like to hide in linens and soft material, you can even find them on your alarm clock beside the bed and you will need bed bug removal.

Tips For Controlling Pests In Your Restaurant

If you’re planning to open a restaurant, one thing you want to get right from the start is pest control. Nothing ruins your reputation quicker than customers seeing roaches or rodents in your building. It’s far better to be aggressive at preventing an infestation than it is to fight off pests once they are established. You’ll need to hire a professional pest control company to help you keep pests at bay.

How To Keep Bees From Your Patio

While bees are a great addition to your yard as they help to pollinate your flowers and keep them healthy, they can be a nuisance when they are on your patio. They might sting you or your pets, or someone could step on a bee and get the stinger stuck in their foot. Here are some tips for deterring the bees away from your patio without harming them. Use Strong Scents to Repel Them

Signs Of A Closet Moth Infestation And How To Get Rid Of It

Have you noticed small holes in your favorite wool sweater? Have you clothes taken on a musty smell, and are they covered in a fine dust? If so, you may have a moth problem. Here are a few signs of closet moth infestations and how to prevent them: Signs of Moths Here are a few signs of moths in your closet: Musty smells on clothing Powdery dust on clothes Small holes in clothing made of wool, silk, fur or feathers Webbing and moth eggs in the corners and on the walls of your closet How to Get Rid of Them

Preventing Rodents From Entering Your Home

The best way to rid your home of rodent pests is to never give them a chance to enter your house in the first place. These critters do so much damage once they enter your home’s wall spaces. Rats, mice and squirrels start climbing their way into your home as soon as the fall weather begins. They’re looking for warm spaces to inhabit for good. Your nice and warm attic is where they first head for.