2 Things You Can Do To Help Control Skunks

Skunks may look cute if you see them on TV, but they are considerably less cute right after they spray something when they are living under your front porch. You are stuck with trying to get rid of that skunk smell, which can be difficult, and no matter what you do, it may take some time to completely get rid of the smell. The easiest way to not have to do that is to make sure that you don’t have skunks living under your front porch, in your crawl space, or anywhere else around your house.

How A Termite Bait System Works To Protect Your Home From These Destructive Pests All Year Long

A termite bait system can be an effective way to deal with termites and protect your home. Whether you have a new home or live in an older home, it’s important to protect your home against termites because the pests are destructive and they often work unseen. Here’s an overview of how a termite bait system can help keep destructive termites out of your home. Bait Stations Can Be Used Alone

Common Mouse Control Methods And Their Overall Success

Most every homeowner is aware of the issues with mouse infestations, and they understand how troublesome those little critters can be. At the first sign of a mouse, many homeowners turn to some of the widespread mouse-elimination solutions. However, some of those solutions are not as effective as their reputations might have them seem. Here’s a look at some common solutions and the truth behind them. Cats One of the first things that many people suggest when they hear that you have a mouse is to get a cat.

Bugs In Your Beds? How To Get Rid Of Them Out Of Your House

Bed bug infestations should never be taken lightly. Unlike other pests, you can’t get rid of bed bugs by spraying over-the-counter pesticide around the house. Bed bug removal requires quick, detailed action. If you’ve discovered bed bugs in your home, the information provided here will help you get the problem under control.  Go Hot and Cold If you’ve found bed bugs in your home, the first thing you want to do is strip your beds down to the mattresses.

4 Things You Can Do To Keep The Mosquitos At Bay Around Your Home

Mosquitos can be a problem around your home if you neglect chores that keep them away, such as making sure that there is no standing water and putting screens on the windows. There are also home improvement projects that help, like adding herbs to landscaping and routine lawn care maintenance. The following mosquito control solutions are some of the things you will want to do to keep the mosquitos around your home at bay:

Mice In The House: A Prevention And Extermination Guide

The last thing any homeowner wants to find in their house is evidence of mice. These annoying pests are not only disgusting but can also transmit disease. Naturally, you want to prevent these rodents from getting into your house if possible. If they do gain entry, then you must know how to get rid of them. This article offers some key tips regarding the prevention and extermination of mice in the home.

3 Important Tips When Hiring A Residential Pest Control Technician

After finding a pest on your property, it’s important to act as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they will cause destruction and breed like rapid fire. The best way to address a pest, be it a rat or cockroach, is to hire a pest control company such as Carroll Exterminating Company. Choosing the perfect one is possible when you remember these tips.  Check Their References  If you’ve never had to hire a pest control technician before, a good place to start is checking references of different technicians.

Tips For Dealing With Roof Rats

Roof rats are very annoying pests that can cause a lot of damage to a home and can also carry dangerous diseases. Despite their name, roof rats don’t just live on roofs — if they can find a way into a home, they will take the opportunity. Roof rats can be hard to control once they have taken up residence in a home or yard, but there are several things that can be done to eradicate roof rats.

Keeping Pesky Rodents Away From Your Warehouse's Food Products

If you manage a warehouse where food supplies are stored, keeping mice and rats away from them will be a priority to deal with. Rodents are known to carry bacteria, making it unsanitary for their presence within a warehouse full of edible items. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your warehouse remains free of pesky rodents so the food that is shipped for consumption is free of contaminants.

Racoons And Bats: What To Do When Pests Take Over Your Quaint Country Retreat

Owning a house in the country comes with its own set of unique aspects. Chief among the problems you will have to handle are intrusions from wildlife. It’s just something that you will have to handle. Some of the pests can be handled on your own, while others might require you seek the assistance of a professional. Here are two of the most common pests and some ways you can handle them.

Why Termite Control Is Important When They Are First Detected

You may have seen what looks like a couple of flying ants in your yard but gave it no thought. What you may have seen were termite swarmers looking for places to start a new nest. This is the time to begin a termite control program, before they can settle into your house and cause major damage. Here is what to look for and how termites can be controlled before they become a problem.

Down Came A Spider: 4 Ways To Keep Spiders Away

Summer is here. That means those creepy spiders are going to be looking for a cool place to hang out. Unfortunately, that probably means that they’re going to heading into your home. If you’re trying to go the all-natural way of spider prevention, you’re in luck. There are a few simple steps you can take to keep spiders out of your home. Go Heavy on the Mint Spiders hate the smell of mint, which makes it the perfect plant to have growing around your home.

Four Common Myths About Bed Bugs

Those pesky little critters known as bed bugs can be found in every state in the country making it hard to get away from them. Even if you have been proactive about keeping them out of your home, you can still find them in hospitals, hotels, schools, and more. They are called bed bugs because they love to hide in sofas and beds where they can feed on humans. Even though they may like to hide in linens and soft material, you can even find them on your alarm clock beside the bed and you will need bed bug removal.

Tips For Controlling Pests In Your Restaurant

If you’re planning to open a restaurant, one thing you want to get right from the start is pest control. Nothing ruins your reputation quicker than customers seeing roaches or rodents in your building. It’s far better to be aggressive at preventing an infestation than it is to fight off pests once they are established. You’ll need to hire a professional pest control company to help you keep pests at bay.

How To Keep Bees From Your Patio

While bees are a great addition to your yard as they help to pollinate your flowers and keep them healthy, they can be a nuisance when they are on your patio. They might sting you or your pets, or someone could step on a bee and get the stinger stuck in their foot. Here are some tips for deterring the bees away from your patio without harming them. Use Strong Scents to Repel Them

Signs Of A Closet Moth Infestation And How To Get Rid Of It

Have you noticed small holes in your favorite wool sweater? Have you clothes taken on a musty smell, and are they covered in a fine dust? If so, you may have a moth problem. Here are a few signs of closet moth infestations and how to prevent them: Signs of Moths Here are a few signs of moths in your closet: Musty smells on clothing Powdery dust on clothes Small holes in clothing made of wool, silk, fur or feathers Webbing and moth eggs in the corners and on the walls of your closet How to Get Rid of Them

Preventing Rodents From Entering Your Home

The best way to rid your home of rodent pests is to never give them a chance to enter your house in the first place. These critters do so much damage once they enter your home’s wall spaces. Rats, mice and squirrels start climbing their way into your home as soon as the fall weather begins. They’re looking for warm spaces to inhabit for good. Your nice and warm attic is where they first head for.

Keeping Mice Away From Warehouse Inventory

If you work in a warehouse environment, and your company deals with the export of food products, keeping pests away from the inventory is extremely important. Mice carry bacteria and disease, making it imperative they do not get into product being sent out for consumption. Ridding the area of mice and keeping them away can be done with some professional help and the following warehouse practices. Eliminate Dark Areas Mice tend to use the perimeters of rooms to scurry along when searching for an area with food.

3 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bees

Bees around the home can pose a threat to small children and to you as well. If you are have a number of beehives forming around your home, then you should try to remove them as quickly as possible. Here are some tips you can use to get rid of bees fast. Get Protected Before Repelling Before you attempt to remove bees from your home, you should ensure that you are wearing protective clothing.

Get Rid Of Bedbugs By Freezing Them Out

Pesticides may not be as effective on bedbugs as they once were because the bugs have developed a tolerance to many of the chemicals. However, it’s possible to kill the bugs in other ways, such as freezing. You can freeze some belongings yourself in your home freezer if it is cold enough, or you can hire an exterminator to do the job. Here’s how you freeze out bedbugs. Using Your Freezer

Thousands Of Squatters? 4 Tactics To Fight Roaches In Apartments

Living in an apartment can make roach infestations more difficult to handle because all apartments need to be treated simultaneously. There are tactics you can use to keep infestations down in your apartment until a professional arrives. Minimize Enemy Hideouts Think about the items you use regularly and prepare to store infrequently-used items. The best way to store items is to use any container with an airtight seal. If you are packing away items in plastic containers or boxes, use tape to seal any seams or any place where the lid attaches to the container.

Advice For Ridding Your Kitchen Of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can be nasty little pests that relentlessly chase you around your kitchen. They can try to attack your food, buzz around your face non-stop and try to cost you your sanity. These little pests can also be pretty hard to get rid of and they can show up in large numbers. This article will provide you with some tips on getting fruit flies out of your kitchen and offer you ways you can go about keeping more from showing up.

Determining Which Wood Destroying Pest Is Damaging The Outside Of Your Home

When some type of pest is destroying the wood on the outside of your home, you need to identify it. When you know what type of pest you are dealing with, you will have a better chance of getting rid of it before it does any more damage to your home. Subterranean Termites One insect that can wreck havoc on your home is subterranean termites. These pests generally live underground and eat wood to feed the colony.

Make Your Home Pest Proof This Fall With These Three Tasks

It’s easy to view the fall as a time to get ready for the holidays, but unless you also dedicate time to making your home pest proof, you could spend the holidays dealing with an infestation. As the temperature grows colder outside, many rodents and insects will look for ways to enter your home for warmth. By performing a series of simple tasks this fall, you can reduce the likelihood of these pests moving indoors and, instead, send them looking for somewhere else to seek warmth.

Keeping Creepy Crawlies From Creeping Into Your Crawlspace

Your crawl space is an area prone to a pest invasion. Many insects and mice enjoy areas with dark, moist conditions, making it an area they will most likely harbor themselves in if they make their way into your home. To keep your crawl space free from intruders, try doing some of the following steps. Check The Exterior Walk around the perimeter of your home, ensuring that there are no apparent cracks in your foundation or exterior walls where critters can slide on through.

Four Signs Your Backyard Has A Fire Ant Infestation And What To Do Next

Experiencing an infestation of any kind of pests can be problematic, but it can also be easily avoided if you take the time to first get familiar with what kind of pests you are dealing with. If you notice ants crawling around your yard, it is best to determine whether or not they are fire ants to avoid being injured. Look for the following signs to help identify the ants so that you can take care of the infestation the correct way and without any problems.

Bugged By Bedbugs? 2 Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Them

You brought bed bugs home with you. You’ve called the pest control company. In addition to the professional pest control services, there are a few things you can do to help make sure the bedbugs are gone. The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to throw all of your bedding away. The second thing you need to know is that you’ll have to act fast. Here are three things you should do before the exterminator comes out.

How Can You Tell If You Have Carpenter Ants?

Although carpenter ants don’t do as much damage as quickly as termites, they can cause significant damage to your home over time. Being able to identify the signs of carpenter ants can help you know when it’s time to get help from a pest control company. How can you tell if you have carpenter ants? Carpenter ants frequently cause damage to wood inside homes. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood like termites, but they do evacuate wood–meaning, they slowly create hollow spaces inside wood for their own occupation.

Keep Raccoons Out Of Your Yard By Following These Tips

Raccoons can destroy your garden and flowerbeds, spread diseases and cause a safety threat to your pets. For these reasons, you want to make sure you do what you can to keep them off of your property. There are some simple steps you can take that will help to keep raccoons away. This article will offer you information on some of these steps so you can help ensure your yard stays raccoon-free.

Solving Common Pest Problems With Log Cabins

If you own a log cabin, then you know that you will have to contend with animal pests. It’s part of life when you have a home made from wood. Some of these problems are simple to handle and you can do it yourself, while others require you to seek out professionals who are trained and equipped to handle the situation. Here are some common pest problems and a brief discussion on how to deal with them.

Tips On Removing Winged Pests From Your Property

If you’ve realized that you have a few flying insects hovering and buzzing in or around your home, they are generally nothing to be too concerned about. If the number grows, and you start seeing more and more, it could be a sign of a major infestation. The main concern is how to approach a bee or wasp issue. Most winged pests sting when they bite and their venom can trigger an allergic response in some people.

Tips For Keeping Mice Out Of Your Home In The Winter

As the temperature starts to drop with the approach of winter, mice and other rodents start looking for warm places to hide. This means that your home could harbor unwanted guests if you don’t take the steps to prevent the infestation from happening. Here are a few tips that will help you keep mice and similar rodents out of your house. Seal Entries Your home’s exterior walls provide the easiest points of entry for mice to get into your home.

Drain Flies: A Few Things To Note About This Bothersome Pest

Drain flies are tiny winged insects that live in moist plumbing areas, such as bathroom pipes and drain holes. They also go by different names such as drain moths, sewer flies, and filter flies. Serious infestations of drain flies may lead to dangerous health concerns. Reproduction, Habitat, and Eating Habits Dealing with any pest requires a thorough understanding of its reproduction, habitat, and eating habits. As hinted in the introduction, drain flies thrive in moist conditions, which is why they frequent plumbing fixtures and installations.

Tips For Identifying 2 Common Types Of Ants, So You Can Get Rid Of Them

If you have noticed ant piles in your yard or a line of them coming through a window recently, it is obviously time to get rid of them. However, that is not always as easy as it sounds, since the different types of ants have different weaknesses. Fortunately, you will find that once you know the type of ants that are invading your home, destroying them is much simpler.  Recognizing The House Ant

Warning To Homeowners: Never Attempt To Remove Bees From Your Property

Homeowners that find a beehive on their property should always call a professional for its removal. For some people, attempting to move or kill a hive of bees could have serious consequences. Check out these reasons you should never risk moving or destroying a beehive on your own. Bee Sting Allergies Can Be Deadly If you know for sure you are allergic to bees stings, you already know to call someone out to your home for the removal of a beehive.