4 Things You Can Do To Keep The Mosquitos At Bay Around Your Home

Mosquitos can be a problem around your home if you neglect chores that keep them away, such as making sure that there is no standing water and putting screens on the windows. There are also home improvement projects that help, like adding herbs to landscaping and routine lawn care maintenance. The following mosquito control solutions are some of the things you will want to do to keep the mosquitos around your home at bay:

1. Prevent Mosquitos by Removing Standing Water Where They Lay Their Larvae

Standing water is one of the biggest problems that cause mosquitos to multiply and your property to be swarming. To avoid mosquito problems, make sure that there is no standing water around your home. Remove the water from plant trays, tires and outdoor objects where water collects. If you have a rain collection system, treat the barrels regularly and install screens to keep the mosquitos out of the water.

2. Add an Aerated Pond with Insect Eating Fish and Plants That Deter Mosquitos

It may not seem like a great idea to add a body of water to control mosquitos, but if it is done right, it will help. First, the pond will need to be aerated, and the water on the surface will need to move. This aeration also creates a good environment for attractive fish like Koi, which will eat insect larvae and keep mosquitos away. In addition, around the edges of the pond, you can use plants that help to repel insects.

3. Use A Landscaping Design That Includes Plants That Repel Insects Like Mosquitos

Another way to reduce the mosquito swarms around your home is to use a landscaping design that includes plants that repel insects. Several herbs like lemon balm and lavender are great choices of aromatic plants for your landscaping that are attractive and help repel insects like mosquitos.

4. Reduce Insect Habitats with Regular Maintenance and Improved Landscape Designs

Another way to reduce mosquitos with your landscaping design is to reduce the habitat where they can breed. Consider more hardscaping surfaces or artificial turf to help control mosquitos. In addition, it is important to do regular maintenance like cutting the grass and making sure that your yard has good drainage to prevent mosquitos from breeding in standing water.

These are some of the things that you can do to keep the mosquitos around your home at bay. If you have a severe mosquito problem, contact a pest control service like Environmental Services Pest Control and talk to them about mosquito control services.