Tips For Dealing With Roof Rats

Roof rats are very annoying pests that can cause a lot of damage to a home and can also carry dangerous diseases. Despite their name, roof rats don't just live on roofs — if they can find a way into a home, they will take the opportunity. Roof rats can be hard to control once they have taken up residence in a home or yard, but there are several things that can be done to eradicate roof rats. If you have roof rats in your home or yard, use the following tips:

Cut Off the Food Supply

One of the keys to controlling roof rats is to cut off their supply to food. If you have citrus trees in your yard, harvest the fruit as soon as it is ripe-- you don't want fruit falling the the ground and becoming a meal for roof rats. It is also important to remove pet food from the ground. Feed your pets and then pick up their bowls, especially if there is food left over. Another thing to do is carefully dispose of garbage-- all trash bags should be tightly tied and then places in a heavy-duty garbage can that has a lid.

Keep Your Yard Manicured

A clean yard is essential when you have roof rats. These pests often look for places to hide when they are outside, so you will want to make sure that all bushes and shrubs are pruned. After doing yard work, always promptly dispose of brush piles, wood piles, and other yard waste. If you have trees near the perimeter of your home, keep them trimmed back so roof rats don't have easy access to your roof.

Look for Access Points

If roof rats have entered your home, it is important to figure out their access points. Take the time to inspect the exterior of your home to look for cracks, gaps, or holes that may let roof rats in. Roof rats are often found in attics, so if you know that you have roof rats in your home, inspect the attic to see if there are cracks in the roof or holes in the ventilation panels.

Hire a Pest Control Company

When it comes to getting rid of roof rats, snap traps are often used. However, setting snap traps and placing them in the right locations is not an easy task, so your best bet is to hire an experienced pest control company. A skilled pest control technician  will set the snap traps and place them where they need to be. Contact a company like 1st Solution Pest Control to learn more.