Keeping Pesky Rodents Away From Your Warehouse's Food Products

If you manage a warehouse where food supplies are stored, keeping mice and rats away from them will be a priority to deal with. Rodents are known to carry bacteria, making it unsanitary for their presence within a warehouse full of edible items. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your warehouse remains free of pesky rodents so the food that is shipped for consumption is free of contaminants.

Use Adequate Lighting In The Building

Rodents tend to lurk in shaded areas. It is important to use enough lighting within the warehouse so they are not as apt to be hiding among pallets or bins of food. Make sure to check light bulbs throughout the warehouse daily and swap broken ones with new ones as needed. Consider using wall lights along the interior perimeter walls as these are areas that rodents utilize as their pathways for navigating buildings. 

Keep Food Raised Off The Ground

It is important that no food, even in packaging, is placed upon the floor so rodents cannot gnaw through bags or boxes. Instead, raise packaged food items with the aid of wooden pallets or storage shelving units to make them less accessible. Bins can be raised off of the ground with help from cinder blocks or bricks. This way, if rodents get into the warehouse, they will not be able to find food as easily since it will be lifted away from the area where these pests scurry around.

Check For Points Of Entry

Evaluations of the exterior siding and doorways should be conducted regularly to make sure there are no spots where rodents can get into the warehouse. If cracks are noticed on the exterior of the building, they should be filled in with caulk. Larger holes can be filled in with pieces of steel wool and then covered with flashing. Doors should be treated with pieces of weather-stripping to fill in gaps. Door sweeps can be placed on the bottoms of doors as well to make it harder for mice to crawl underneath.

Add A Few Deterrents

Keeping a cat on the premises of the warehouse property will help keep the rodent population at a minimum. In addition to a feline, use a few plastic hawks or owls to place in nearby trees or upon the rooftop of the warehouse. These will scare rodents in the area, making it less likely that they will get close enough to the warehouse to try getting inside.

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