Racoons And Bats: What To Do When Pests Take Over Your Quaint Country Retreat

Owning a house in the country comes with its own set of unique aspects. Chief among the problems you will have to handle are intrusions from wildlife. It's just something that you will have to handle. Some of the pests can be handled on your own, while others might require you seek the assistance of a professional. Here are two of the most common pests and some ways you can handle them.


Raccoons are beautiful animals, but they are also voracious eaters. One of the biggest problems you will face is how to handle your trash. The raccoons will smell the food and will go after it. So, in the morning you will likely see a bunch of trash spread out all over the lawn. An even worse situation is when you have a screened-in porch and have dinner or lunch there. The racoon might smell the scent of food and attack the screen during the night. In this case, you would wake up to something even worse than spilled trash; you might see a huge tear in your porch screen.

There are a few things you can do. First, make sure to use garbage bags that are scented with chemicals. These are often sold to discourage rats, but they also help with raccoons. Also, get garbage bins that have airtight snap on covers. These will limit the scent. Finally, make sure to regularly clean out the bins with bleach.


No one likes the idea of bats flying around your house. They can be scary, even though they are harmless for the most part. However, you should not just allow them to hang out in your home. Bat droppings can cause breathing problems, and there is always the chance, however slim, of rabies. What you can do is hire bat removal experts to come in and seal up any entryways in your home that the bats use to get in and out. Bats don't hide in your house day and night, they need to go out and feed. So what most pest removal experts do is install nets that allow bats out, but have little devices that don't let them back in. These one way nets are left up until the pest experts determine that all the bats are gone, then the cracks and openings are permanently sealed up.

For more information, talk to a local pest control company.