Four Common Myths About Bed Bugs

Those pesky little critters known as bed bugs can be found in every state in the country making it hard to get away from them. Even if you have been proactive about keeping them out of your home, you can still find them in hospitals, hotels, schools, and more. They are called bed bugs because they love to hide in sofas and beds where they can feed on humans. Even though they may like to hide in linens and soft material, you can even find them on your alarm clock beside the bed and you will need bed bug removal. Unfortunately, bed bug infestations have been on the rise since the 1990's making it more of an issue than ever before. To help combat the problem of bed bugs, it is important to dispell some of the popular myths surrounding these little pests.

Bed Bugs Only Like Filth

One of the biggest myths surrounding bed bugs is that they enjoy unsanitary conditions. This could not be further than the truth. In fact, you could go to a five star hotel and find bed bugs. Any location in the country is susceptible to bed bugs. While you may see a trend of pests in low income areas, this is often because of the lack of funds to exterminate them. 

You Know If You Have Bed Bugs

Many people will claim they do not have bed bugs because they do not have bites on them and they cannot see them. Many times, a person does not know if they have a bed bug infestation or not. This is because people have different reactions to bites and they are so small that it can be hard to see them. When bitten, some people have no reaction, making it very difficult to even know if they have been bitten by a bed bug. Bed bugs are small and it can be extremely hard to see them, but they often leave clues to help you locate them. Little black spots found on the mattress and linens can be a sign of fecal debris from the bed bugs. 

Foggers Can Kill Bed Bugs

Many people believe an effective treatment for killing bed bugs is by using foggers. Foggers are designed to release chemicals that are said to kill the bed bugs. This has not been proven to be effective. In fact, these foggers can end up causing the bed bugs to bury deeper into cracks and crevices to get away from the chemicals that are being released. 

Bed Bugs Only Come Out at Night

Another common myth about bed bugs is that they only come out at night. Bed bugs can be seen any time of the day. They do typically come out at night when humans lay in the bed to sleep, but if you were to sleep during the day, the bed bugs would also change their sleep pattern to bite you while you are sleeping.