Tips For Controlling Pests In Your Restaurant

If you're planning to open a restaurant, one thing you want to get right from the start is pest control. Nothing ruins your reputation quicker than customers seeing roaches or rodents in your building. It's far better to be aggressive at preventing an infestation than it is to fight off pests once they are established. You'll need to hire a professional pest control company to help you keep pests at bay. In fact, your local codes may require regular professional treatments rather than DIY attempts. While you want to have your entire building treated, these are a few hot spots that need extra attention.

Trash And Garbage Areas

Your restaurant will generate a lot of garbage. Your staff needs to be meticulous about how they handle it. Garbage and trash should be sealed in plastic bags and then disposed of outdoors in the dumpster. The dumpster lid should close tightly so rodents can't use it as a source of food. The pest control company will focus on the dumpster area since it will naturally attract all kinds of pests. Keeping rodents and bugs out of the dumpster is important because the pests will eventually try to get inside your building in an attempt to find food. Therefore, placing traps, bait, and pesticides in this area is a first step in keeping the pests out of your restaurant.


Bits of food will go down your drain every day and eventually build up and attract drain flies. You'll want to use an enzyme cleaner on your drains on a regular basis to keep them as clean as possible. This holds down on the bad odors that attracts bugs. In addition to keeping the drains clean, you want to make sure they don't leak. Roaches are as attracted to water as they are to food. A leaky pipe under the sink is an open invitation for roaches. Also, you'll want to monitor the floor around drain areas for signs of roach droppings. Roaches may infest the void behind the wall where drains enter because the drains increase humidity even when they don't leak. Your pest control company will inspect areas like this when they make regular service calls to help you monitor for hidden infestations.

Stored Foods

Even if your dry food has a high turnover, you still want to repackage it when it arrives. Food kept in paper bags or cardboard boxes can be easily contaminated by insects. Rodents also have easy access since they can chew right through the containers. By placing all your food in containers with a tight seal, there will be no odors to attract bugs and rodents. It also makes it safer for the exterminator to apply chemicals in the work area, since the chemicals won't contact food if the food is sealed.

While the pest control service will handle spraying, baiting, and trapping the pests, you and your staff will still be responsible for keeping your restaurant as clean as possible, so the pests aren't attracted by crumbs in dining table crevices or food stains in trash bins. When your restaurant is clean and free from rodents and bugs, you create an atmosphere that is great for business and keeps your staff happier too. Contact a business, such as Pestco Inc, for more information.