How To Keep Bees From Your Patio

While bees are a great addition to your yard as they help to pollinate your flowers and keep them healthy, they can be a nuisance when they are on your patio. They might sting you or your pets, or someone could step on a bee and get the stinger stuck in their foot. Here are some tips for deterring the bees away from your patio without harming them.

Use Strong Scents to Repel Them

The first thing you can try doing is to repel the bees and keep them from the patio. While bees like sugary-smelling scents, they don't like other strong scents. For example, you might be able to set out some catnip on the table of your patio, which has a strong scent bees can't stand. However, if you have cats, you might want to keep it in a container that is sealed, but has holes so the scent can get out. Another option is to get catnip essential oil. Clove oil and peppermint oil is also strong enough to repel many bees. You can drop some of the essential oils into a dish on the patio table, sprinkle it around the patio floor, or even put some on your skin to keep bees away from you.

Keep the Bees in the Yard

Part of keeping the bees off your patio is simply giving them a reason to stay in the yard. You can do this by putting out substances with sugar or a sugary scent that will draw them toward it. This is often enough to keep the bees occupied while you enjoy time on the patio. Try keeping a container in your yard far from the patio that has maple syrup or sugar water inside it. Put it out before you plan to enjoy time on the patio so they have enough time to find it and leave you alone. You can also put some fruit juice in the container and in the back of your yard.

Hang Moth Balls

Moth balls work great for deterring many types of pests, including bees. Find a material that can breathe and will hold the moth balls, while also deterring the bees with their smell. Pantyhose that are cut and tied at the top before hanging are usually a good option. You may also be able to use a small garment bag with the moth balls. Hang them around the perimeter of your patio to keep the bees only in the yard area.

Call a Pest Control Company

In some cases, the bee problem becomes too much to where you have an excess amount of them in the yard or on the patio. This can create issues when people and pets are being stung mercilessly. If this is the case, there is likely a bee hive on your property. It is very dangerous to remove a bee hive on your own, so make sure you call a professional, like IPM - Intelligent Pest Management, to take care of it for you.