Preventing Rodents From Entering Your Home

The best way to rid your home of rodent pests is to never give them a chance to enter your house in the first place. These critters do so much damage once they enter your home's wall spaces. Rats, mice and squirrels start climbing their way into your home as soon as the fall weather begins. They're looking for warm spaces to inhabit for good. Your nice and warm attic is where they first head for. You must prevent rodents from entering your home and particularly bar them from your attic space.

Search For Open Entry Points That Rodents Use

Rodents stretch and slither through extremely small spaces, so you have to search for holes and cracks that are around your home's foundation. Look for openings in the roof and eaves and inspect points where utility pipes and wires enter your house and its siding. These are favorite spaces where rodents often use to scramble into your home.

Routes They Use To Get Up To Your Attic

Rats are natural born climbers. They climb and scramble through your firewood piles and thereafter hop onto supporting roof rafters. They also climb vines and trees and easily scamper onto roof shingles and then crawl right under roofing materials. They head right for your attic, where they commence to ripping the insulation so as to hide and bed into the material.

Exterminate Rodents That Are Already Living In Your Attic

If rodents are identified and are already embedded in your attic's insulation, exterminate them safely, since that space is not generally used by children or pets. Use poison treatment, but remember that you will have to later clear the space of dead rats. Bag the dead pests in plastic bags and store them in a separate garbage can outside for sanitation pickup. If you choose a more humane way to rid the attic of mice or rats, it's okay to set traps. You'll have to check and remove dead pests over time though and dispose of them responsibly.

Cleaning Up The Area And Repairing Insulation

Once you've cleared the attic of a rodent population, you must clean up the area and then completely block the entry points. It may be best to have a pest control professional perform the entire job since climbing activity will be involved. If you do the job yourself, remember that compromised insulation must be completely removed. If the insulation is soiled with urine or feces, you must have it removed or risk the danger of contracting Hantavirus, which is a deadly flu-like condition, according to one website article. Contact a pest control company, such as Kirkland's Pest Control, for more information.