Keeping Mice Away From Warehouse Inventory

If you work in a warehouse environment, and your company deals with the export of food products, keeping pests away from the inventory is extremely important. Mice carry bacteria and disease, making it imperative they do not get into product being sent out for consumption. Ridding the area of mice and keeping them away can be done with some professional help and the following warehouse practices.

Eliminate Dark Areas

Mice tend to use the perimeters of rooms to scurry along when searching for an area with food. This allows them to go unnoticed and more likely to get to their destination without delay. Keep the bulk of your products in the central area of the warehouse so mice will be more likely to be seen if they try to gain entry to bins, barrels, or boxes. Keep this area well-lit and consider adding lighting to the dark corners of the warehouse to help keep mice hidden from view.

Check The Exterior

If there are cracks or crevices in the exterior walls of the warehouse, mice will find their way inside. Make it a habit to check the structure for any spots where mice have gnawed through siding. Fill these spots with caulk, pieces of mesh wire, or flashing until a professional can be called in to repair any spots mice have destroyed. Add caulk or weather-stripping around windows and doors as well.

Watch The Loading Dock

Warehouses tend to have large loading dock doorways so product can be moved to shipping vehicles without trouble. Keep these doors shut until a vehicle arrives. Leaving these doors open will just make the food inside more desired by outside pests that smell food nearby. 

Clean Constantly And Properly

Any food that falls onto the floor will be a mouse magnet. Handle spills immediately to reduce the likelihood of mice using it as a food source. Make sure to sweep up floors and bring any remnants to a dumpster for disposal. Have the dumpster housed a good distance from the warehouse so any pests near the trash will not make their way to the building easily. Use bleach to clean floors so any spilled food is masked. 

Eliminate Water Sources

If there is water used in the warehouse, mice will be more apt to sticking around. Make repairs to any dripping faucets or pipes. If water pools on cement floors due to the temperature in the warehouse, add some dehumidfiers in the building to help keep it at bay. 

Have employees work together in looking for signs of a rodent infestation throughout their day. Gnaw marks or droppings would indicate the need for a professional pest control service, like Garrie Pest Control, to come in and help with the elimination of intruders.