Thousands Of Squatters? 4 Tactics To Fight Roaches In Apartments

Living in an apartment can make roach infestations more difficult to handle because all apartments need to be treated simultaneously. There are tactics you can use to keep infestations down in your apartment until a professional arrives.

Minimize Enemy Hideouts

Think about the items you use regularly and prepare to store infrequently-used items. The best way to store items is to use any container with an airtight seal. If you are packing away items in plastic containers or boxes, use tape to seal any seams or any place where the lid attaches to the container. Make sure you check every item thoroughly before you put it away by shaking items, flipping through books etc. Putting items away and sealing the container must be done seamlessly to ensure no pests have crawled in while you were not looking.

Create Barriers

Many retail products are available to help you create barriers throughout your apartment. Look for products designed to continually kill bugs for several months. Unfortunately, you will need to be cautious about the locations where you use roach sprays. Do not spray pesticides near gas appliances because the spray or fumes may be ignited by the pilot light. You will want to spray around the perimeter of your apartment, doors, and windows.

Use Multiple Strategies

You will need to use various types of products to trap and kill roaches in multiple ways. Bait stations with the ability to sterilize roaches and kill eggs should be one of your approaches. Hydroprene is a pesticide commonly used to prevent reproduction. By limiting their ability to reproduce, you can gain an advantage over the problem.

Make sure you place any bait stations under sinks, behind the stove, and near the hot water heater. These areas are often damp and/or warm, which is the most likely location of a nest. Also, if you are using a roach spray, remember you will need to treat the areas multiple times, even if the problem appears to be under control. If you have killed visible roaches, the ones that have not hatched will be unaffected by pesticides.

Monitor The Problem

Since it can be difficult to determine whether a product is working, keep an eye out for a noticeable increase or decrease in roach activity after you try a product. You may need a professional to check it out for you. If you put down bait, but notice the problem seems unchanged after a few weeks, remove the product.

Believe it or not, it is easy for roaches to become immune to insecticides according to You should read the ingredient list carefully on any products you choose to determine the active ingredient. Once you have used a specific pesticide for a month, change to a different active ingredient or a higher concentration of the same ingredient.

Roach infestations are difficult to remedy on your own, especially in apartments. However, with consistent effort, you can make a dent in the problem