Advice For Ridding Your Kitchen Of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can be nasty little pests that relentlessly chase you around your kitchen. They can try to attack your food, buzz around your face non-stop and try to cost you your sanity. These little pests can also be pretty hard to get rid of and they can show up in large numbers. This article will provide you with some tips on getting fruit flies out of your kitchen and offer you ways you can go about keeping more from showing up.

Stop attracting fruit flies

The first thing you want to do when you are having a problem with fruit flies in the kitchen is to make the kitchen less inviting for them. Not only do fruit flies like to come after fruit, but they will also come after anything that has sugar in it. A few examples of things that can draw fruit flies include a spot of jelly left on the counter, yogurt containers, cookie crumbs and even drips of sweetened butter. Wiping down the counter each time you cook will cut down on these pests.

Many people don't think about alcohol attracting fruit flies, but it can be a big reason why they come into your home. Leaving wine bottles or beer cans on the counter can quickly lead to many fruit flies in your kitchen. Rinsing them out after you finish drinking can really help.

Capture the fruit flies already in your kitchen

There is a very effective and simple way that you can catch and trap fruit flies. In order to do this you will need to gather a few supplies, which include apple cider vinegar, a cup, a sheet of plastic, a pencil and a rubber band.

Fill the cup about a quarter of the way with the apple cider vinegar, lay the piece of plastic over the top of the cup, and put the rubber band over the plastic. Roll it down a bit to hold the plastic in place. Use the tip of the pencil to poke very small holes in the plastic. Set the cup right in the area where you have the most fruit flies. They will go into the cup for the apple cider vinegar and get stuck, eventually drowning.

If you try everything in this article and you continue to have problems with fruit flies, then you should consider having a pest control company come out to assess the situation. They can help you to get rid of those fruit flies that refuse to go away.