Make Your Home Pest Proof This Fall With These Three Tasks

It's easy to view the fall as a time to get ready for the holidays, but unless you also dedicate time to making your home pest proof, you could spend the holidays dealing with an infestation. As the temperature grows colder outside, many rodents and insects will look for ways to enter your home for warmth. By performing a series of simple tasks this fall, you can reduce the likelihood of these pests moving indoors and, instead, send them looking for somewhere else to seek warmth. Here are three jobs that you can perform with ease.

Find And Seal Cracks

The exterior of your home can contain many tiny cracks and holes that pests can slip through to gain access to the interior of your home. Walk methodically around your home and look for any cracks; don't rush this process, as you might overlook something small. It's common to find openings around windows and doors, your dryer vent and your garden hose. You can seal these openings in a variety of ways, including replacing old or damaged gaskets around fixtures and using an expandable foam spray. The spray will fill the cracks and prevent pests from getting through them.

Tidy Up Areas Around Your Home

If you store your firewood against the side of your home for convenience, you might be all but inviting rodents into your home. Rodents such as squirrels and mice favor making nests in stacked firewood, which means they're just feet from your home and can easily enter through an open door. It's best to relocate your firewood to another area of your yard; aim to situate the new stack at least 20 feet from the home. Additionally, it's useful to trim back any overgrown plants or trees that are against your house. Like a stack of firewood, these vegetation sources can be inhabited by a variety of critters that are best to keep at bay.

Exercise Caution With Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal decorations can quickly enhance the festive mood inside your home, but if you store these accessories in your garage or a backyard shed, it's important to carefully inspect them for signs of pests before bringing them inside. Insects such as spiders, ants and termites can hide in seasonal decorations that you keep stored, which means they'll be inside your home as soon as you carry these items inside for decorating. When possible, thoroughly shake out your decorations in your yard before taking them indoors.

For more tips on keeping pests out of your home, or help getting rid of the ones you already have, contact a company like Choice Pest Control.