Four Signs Your Backyard Has A Fire Ant Infestation And What To Do Next

Experiencing an infestation of any kind of pests can be problematic, but it can also be easily avoided if you take the time to first get familiar with what kind of pests you are dealing with. If you notice ants crawling around your yard, it is best to determine whether or not they are fire ants to avoid being injured. Look for the following signs to help identify the ants so that you can take care of the infestation the correct way and without any problems.

You Notice Large Mounds of Crumbly Dirt in a Sunny Area

The easiest way to discover an ant infestation in your yard is by stumbling upon mounds of dirt. While most ants build large mounds that can easily be seen when walking around outside, the difference is that fire ant mounds typically look like clay instead of smooth dirt and are missing an entrance in the center. If the mound belongs to fire ants, you should notice the ants crawling around the perimeter of the mounds instead of out of the top.

Small Ants Are Seen Running Around the Mound

When stepping near the mound or going over it with a lawn mower, you should notice a lot of ants crawling out. Like most ants, fire ants will do anything to protect their queen and will begin coming out in hundreds to defend her if the mound is distributed.

Ant Bodies Are Small and Reddish Brown in Color

When the mound has been disturbed, it is the ideal time to take a look at the ants themselves. The kind of ants you are dealing with should be easy to discover just by examining what their bodies look like. While some ants, such as citronella or thief ants, are relatively harmless, fire ants can cause very painful bites, making it important to identify the pests before getting too close.

More Mounds Are Found During Rainy Seasons

Fire ants can become frenzied when the weather begins to get damp and there is more rain than usual. The ants can often split up when it is rainy out, causing your yard to become full of mounds.

If you have young children or pets that spend time outdoors, it is so important that your yard is free of fire ants due to the painful bites they can inflict. In order for you to take care of this infestation, first determine if your yard is full of fire ants and what some common signs of them are.  Then, call a company like Emory Brantley & Sons Termite and Pest Control to have the ants eradicated.