Solving Common Pest Problems With Log Cabins

If you own a log cabin, then you know that you will have to contend with animal pests. It's part of life when you have a home made from wood. Some of these problems are simple to handle and you can do it yourself, while others require you to seek out professionals who are trained and equipped to handle the situation.

Here are some common pest problems and a brief discussion on how to deal with them.

Carpenter Bees

Log homes look great, but one big problem they have is that they attract carpenter bees. These bees tunnel into the logs and lay nests. They can end up hollowing out your home if you don't do anything about them.

The best solution is to paint your home. Carpenter bees won't be attracted to wood that has been painted. However, many people don't like the look of paint and instead use wood stain. Unfortunately, that is not enough of a deterrent.

If you choose to stain your logs rather than paint them, make sure to take the following precautions. First, apply citronella oil to the logs with a brush every spring. This pungent oil will help to repel the bees. Second, whenever you spot a carpenter bee hole, fill it. You should spray the inside of the hole with insecticide and then fill it with a wood plug.


Woodpeckers are nice, as long as they leave your home alone! If you notice large holes in your logs, then chances are a woodpecker has been there. Often, they are there looking for carpenter bees or other tasty insect. Woodpeckers eat the bees, but they destroy the log in the process.

The best way to get rid of a woodpecker is to scare them. Get a owl decoy from your local garden shop and set it up right near your home. The owl is a predator and woodpeckers won't want to get near it.

Bears and Raccoons

Bears and raccoons are lumped together here because they are both garbage fiends. If you don't take care to secure your trash, then you might wake up in the morning to see your trash cans torn open and garbage strewn across your yard. You don't want to let this happen because they might get adventurous and try and break into your screened in porch for food in the future.

Make sure you buy heavy duty garbage cans with a locking mechanism on the lid. Also, it's best to not let food sit in the trash bin for more than a day. Try to only put your trash out the night before it will get picked up. If you live in a very rural area with no trash pickup, then it might be wise to store the food trash in an airtight bin inside your home if you are there for an extended stay. You can haul it out when you are heading to the dump.


These are really troublesome pests that will eat away at your home inside and out if you don't stop them. Unfortunately, you can't handle this problem yourself. You will need to hire a professional to come and inspect your home. They might have to tent the entire cabin in order to get all of the termites.

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