Tips For Keeping Mice Out Of Your Home In The Winter

As the temperature starts to drop with the approach of winter, mice and other rodents start looking for warm places to hide. This means that your home could harbor unwanted guests if you don't take the steps to prevent the infestation from happening. Here are a few tips that will help you keep mice and similar rodents out of your house.

Seal Entries

Your home's exterior walls provide the easiest points of entry for mice to get into your home. Walk around the outside perimeter of the house and look for any holes that the mice could possibly get into. Remember that mice are small creatures, so they can squeeze into even tiny holes. Fill in any gaps around your pipes and any holes in the foundation. You can fill them using spray foam insulation or something similar.

Clear Hideouts

When mice find a property that offers hiding places and cozy areas to burrow, they'll often settle in. This can increase the likelihood that they might slip into your house. To reduce this risk, get rid of any stacks of firewood, leaf piles or other easy-to-hide-in places where mice could hang out. When your firewood is elevated and kept away from the house, it reduces the chance that the mice will settle into the stack or move into your house from there. When your yard isn't welcoming to the mice, they're also less likely to seek refuge in the house.

Use Deterrents

There are many ways to actively deter mice from moving into your house. Mothballs, for example, will discourage them due to the smell. If you know that mice have been sneaking in through a specific area of your home, place mothballs in that area to keep the mice away.

Peppermint is also effective, and more pleasant for you. Plant peppermint plants around the outer perimeter of the house to keep mice away from your home. In addition to these deterrents, you can also work with a local pest control company to create a pest barrier with pesticides and other chemical treatments.

With so many options for keeping mice out of your house, you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. If you want to have your home evaluated for risk factors, talk with a pest control service who can inspect the property and help you identify any vulnerabilities. With these tips and the help of a pest control specialist like BugOut Pest Control, your home will remain rodent-free through the winter season.