Warning To Homeowners: Never Attempt To Remove Bees From Your Property

Homeowners that find a beehive on their property should always call a professional for its removal. For some people, attempting to move or kill a hive of bees could have serious consequences. Check out these reasons you should never risk moving or destroying a beehive on your own.

Bee Sting Allergies Can Be Deadly

If you know for sure you are allergic to bees stings, you already know to call someone out to your home for the removal of a beehive. However, if you have never been stung by a bee, you may not realize you are allergic to their venom. In the event you get stung and are allergic, you could suffer swelling and asphyxiation that could kill you. For this reason, contacting a professional pest control service when you discover a beehive on your property is extremely important.  

The Risk Of Injuries Aside From Stings 

 In many cases, beehives are built in high places like on the eaves your house or in tree branches. If you attempt to destroy or remove a beehive, you may also have to climb a ladder for doing so. In the event you are stung while up on a ladder, your risk of falling is greater. Avoid falling off a ladder after being stung, maybe several times, by calling bee removal professionals for taking care of it for you.   

African Honeybees Can Be More Aggressive

African honeybees are more defensive over their nests and are also hard to distinguish from their more gentle European counterparts. African and European honeybees are in the same species and neither one has stronger venom than the other. However, being stung is never good, especially if you are stung several times. Statistics show that disturbing a hive of African honeybees could result in you getting between 100 and 1000 stings. If you disturbed a hive of European honeybees, you might end up with between 10 and 20 stings. Before you decide the colony of honeybees on your property is the gentle European species, call a professional to ensure you don't have African honeybees is paramount to yours and your family's safety.

While bees are beneficial for gardens and flowers, they can also be a serious threat if a colony has taken up residence in the area your children or pets spend time outdoors playing. When you become aware of a beehive on your property, ensuring your family's safety is easy by calling a professional bee removal service to remove them.